Hello all!! I'M FINALLY TRYING TO GET SOME ORIGINAL MUSIC OUT THERE!! FAN RESPONSE BASED COMPETITION. :-) Please like the actual video and fan my actual pages. Liking this post won't count. To help me a TON, please like and fan ALL my social media outlets AND PASS IT ON! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'll list the places below: facebook: jojohahnmusic youtube: lookup "Hockey Eyes" or "Jojo Hahn" - subscribe and like :-) twitter: @jojoh myspace: myspace.com/jojohahnmusic vimeo: https://vimeo.com/53473787 Thanks SOO much to Sarah Bear Hahn(camera), Ben Pezzner(cello), Nicki Carano(drums), and Nicki's father(venue)! I've entered a contest based on NEW FANS & LIKES. Join in! THANKS!!