STAT UPDATE FOR THE CONTEST! Thanks everyone for the follows and likes. :-) I've moved up a few spots on the leader boards! I'm still not high enough to move to the next round at this point HOWEVER...On my Facebook page I have 433 fans! Woot! Whereas on youtube it drops to 335, and on the others it drops from there. If those 433 fans also like/follow my other social sites It will easily climb right up the boards! :-) PLEASE like/follow the other sites too! If you're having a hard time going through my website's contest page links then listed below are my other sites and their current stats: -------------------------------------------------------- Youtube: 335 "likes" - Twitter: 295 "follows" (a lot aren't from FB followers) - @jojoh Soundcloud: 110 "follows" (a lot aren't from FB followers) Myspace: only 10 "friends" My Fan growth status sits at around 781 right now, BUT if you make your vote known on the other sites as well that number will shoot up to a little under 2000!! So, please log in and make your vote heard :-) Thanks again SO much!!