Hi everyone! :-) Please take a moment read - Last Sunday, Sarah & I had the chance to hear from our friend Erica Greve about a nonprofit organization she heads up called Unlikely Heroes. We were moved by the things we heard. This org is an anti-sex trafficking NPO dedicated to ending this horrible trade worldwide and getting the kids off the streets, rehabilitating them, and getting them into viable jobs. Sex-trafficking is happening everywhere, especially in third world countries, but even throughout the USA. We really believe in what they're doing and came to the decision that if we win the Veewall contest we want to donate 75% of what we get from it to help this cause. This could potentially help a lot and we're really excited by the prospect of being able to donate so much! If you would like to join us in winning this donation, please vote daily and share "Sea of Love" with anyone and everyone. :-) Also, please check out their website to know more and if you feel inclined to directly support them - please do! Unlikely Heroes: http://unlikelyheroes.com Sea of Love - veewall contest: http://www.veewall.com/vocals/video/jojohahn